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Evil Eye Trinket Dish (Eye-shaped)

Evil Eye Trinket Dish (Eye-shaped)

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The Evil Eye dish is an object of protection and fascination. Typically, evil eye charms in a house are meant to keep jealousy and bad energy away while protecting all who come to or dwell in the home. This dish/serving tray is a beautiful object on its own, but may also serve as a symbol of protection and safety. This hand decorated porcelain plate can be used ornamentally as a centerpiece, or as a wall decoration.


Hand-made and decorated with 11K gold-plated edges.
All of our glazes are food safe, oven, for frequent use, DUE TO 11K GOLD LUSTER NO MICRO AND HAND WASH PLEASE.

Size 1:   4 x 5 inches   Code: 22418

Size2: 5 x 8.25 inches Code: 22419

Size3: 7.5 x 11.5 inches Code: 22420

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