Collection: Evil Eye Collection

Transform any room into a stunning display with our Evil Eye Gold Plated Plate. A unique addition to our evil eye collection, this eye-style plate is a centerpiece and masterpiece for all wall-hanging decor. Perfect for wedding registries or as a thoughtful gift with both aesthetic and cultural value.

The Evil Eye plate is an object of protection and fascination. Typically, evil eye charms in a house are meant to keep jealousy and bad energy away while protecting all who come to or dwell in the home. This is a beautiful object on its own but may also serve as a symbol of protection and safety. This gold-plated plate is more than just a stunning accessory - it's a powerful tool for warding off negativity and safeguarding your home. Used for centuries as a symbol of protection, the evil eye charm is a reliable way to keep jealousy and bad energy at bay. With its mixed blue eye design, this plate adds a touch of elegance while offering a sense of security to all who enter your home.