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Miss Pop Art

Ceramic Oval Gold Evil Eye dish Gold Plated, Serving board, Dessert platter

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The Evil Eye dish is an object of protection and fascination. Typically, evil eye charms in a house are meant to keep jealousy and bad energy away while protecting all who come to or dwell in the home. This dish/serving tray is a beautiful object on its own, but may also serve as a symbol of protection and safety.

Hand-made and decorated with 11K gold-plated edges.
All of our glazes are food safe, oven, for frequent use, DUE TO 11K GOLD LUSTER NO MICRO AND HAND WASH PLEASE.

Size small Measures:
40 cm x 13 cm (15.7" х 5.1")
49 oz
Code: 12910

Size large Measures:
43 cm x 15 cm (16.9" х 5.9")
53 oz
Code: 17994

Since all the pieces are handmade, slight variations are possible. The item you will receive is not the exact one in the photo, but it will look just as beautiful!