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Persian Rug Bakhtiari (Kilim) by Heidarian

Persian Rug Bakhtiari (Kilim) by Heidarian

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Modern Persian Bakhtiari kilims are more finely woven than the earlier kilims but are usually made using pastel colors and finely executed traditional designs that include detailed pastoral motifs embellished with flowers, and entwined tendrils, currying arabesques, and occasionally a bird. The colors and styles are meant to appeal to the European and American markets, and, although modern, they are extremely beautiful. A good-quality Persian kilim, whether antique or modern, is considered an absolutely assured investment.  One fine great of the Bakhtiari kilim and surely stands unique with its color palette.

Materials: Cotton, wool
Length: 78" or 199 cm
Width: 53" or 135 cm
Code: 7981

This modern woven kilim is one of the hand-woven carpets of Heydarian carpet collection. Kilims are one of the most popular hand-woven fabrics that date back to the distant past.

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