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Modern Ceramic Arish Horse Figurine, Golden Luster & Turquoise

Modern Ceramic Arish Horse Figurine, Golden Luster & Turquoise

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Sculptures are one of the decorative elements that add color and glaze to home decoration and give a new spirit to the house. The golden ceramic horse sculpture with patina glaze is one of these beautiful and decorative sculptures that shows the taste of the designer and creator of this work. In our culture, the horse has always been respected as a kind and noble animal, and for this reason, the role of the horse is very colorful in the antiquities, handicrafts and cultures of Worldwide.

The length of the ceramic horse sculpture with golden color and patina glaze reaches 20 cm, its width is 12 cm and its height is 33 cm. Also, the weight of this ceramic horse sculpture is about 1100 grams. The dimensions and design of this sculpture are such that it can be used on different surfaces and you can place it on a variety of tables, TV tables, consoles, libraries and showcases.

This sculpture with a long neck and beautiful design will look attractive in modern and classic decorations. The ceramic horse sculpture is very pleasant and unique because of the beautiful and special glaze that is painted on it. This sculpture is made in various colors and designs that are visually different from each other and leaves your hand free to choose.

The ceramic horse sculpture with glaze and patina coating was designed and executed by the artist Kourosh Arish. Patina and glaze are decorative and functional coatings that give a special effect to pottery and ceramics. Patina is a sheet coating that is applied to pottery and ceramics. Patina or utensils can be decorated with patina and designs and patterns can be worked on them. Patina also has various techniques such as decoupage, antiquity and…

This statue is also decorated with patina glaze, a cover that, apart from its beauty, has made this statue more strong and durable. You can easily use a wet towel to clean this sculpture.


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